Hey, I'm Lettie!

I’m a history lover and social justice supporter, living in North Carolina, and am the voice behind Sincerely, Lettie. This is a space to discuss various history topics and their connections to today, social issues, self-care, and more. It’s also going to be a space that provides motivation and inspiration as we all walk through life and the experiences we encounter through growth. I’ve been through ups and downs and have found that sharing helps other people, too! Also, Sincerely, Lettie is a PODCAST! Yes! You can tune in on all major platforms!

After my time as a college history professor, I’m furthering my education [again] and getting a second masters degree, this time in Conflict Management & Resolution. I know, I know, wasn’t my M.A. in History enough? Haha! I have a purpose and I’m continuing to walk in that path one day at a time.

I hope this blog helps someone learn things they didn’t know, find motivation, see the need to be informed about social issues, and know they aren’t “the only one.” Enjoy!