Thanks for stopping by. I hope my blog brings some knowledge and light to your life. 

Welcome to Sincerely, Lettie

Welcome to Sincerely, Lettie

Who am I?

Hey, I'm Lettie, and I'm going to start by saying I am so glad you have decided to stop by! Welcome to my blog! To say I'm excited to have a space to share my love and passion for history and justice, AND be transparent about growth, self-care, and provide inspiration, is an understatement. 

I turned 30 two months ago and have been embracing this new decade. Right before I turned 30, I got married to the most supportive and loving man. I love music and the way it has always comforted me. Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston are my favorites, and will always be the best. If I could own a farm and have lots of animals, I would. Food is life and reading is fundamental and therapeutic. I LOVE history. I love its complexity and its ability to always reveal the truth. I can talk (and rant) about it for hours, making connections while excitedly talking with my hands to the point where you may ask me if I'm okay. I love it so much that I got my BA in History and then got a Masters in History as well. I focused on American history, primarily African American studies, but I had to learn it ALL. I'm that person who enjoys doing research for hours, and finding two primary sources after going in and out of intellectual and historical mazes. 

After I graduated with my Masters in History, I worked at a pharmaceutical company full-time, and was an adjunct history professor at community college where I taught one history class. I would teach on my lunch break, then go back to work at my FT job. I busted my butt, you hear me?! I did this for a year and a half until I stopped teaching part-time because I realized I wanted to do more. I took a HUGE leap of faith and quit my FT job a few months later, and started working with Communities in Schools. I'm the Lead After School Program Coordinator for middle and high schoolers at a center in downtown Wilmington, North Carolina. I work with at-risk African American students five days a week and love that I'm following my purpose, even though I can't see it fully right now.

I'm going back to graduate school this fall to get another Masters degree, this time in Conflict Management and Resolution. My extensive history knowledge about America allows me to really see the social issues in our country today. I want to educate people about history but also help them see that understanding the past is necessary to deal with conflict today. 

I also really enjoy sharing my experiences and life lessons with people. Along with the academic and historian Lettie comes someone who has learned a heck of a lot while journeying through this thing called life (cue Prince). Whoever said your transformative years really start when you turn 27 wasn't lying!! I don't think we experience growth and blessings to keep it all to ourselves. We should share more than we do. We should be more transparent than we are. Faith has gotten me through soooo many hard times and I like letting people know they aren't alone in this walk through life. 

Is history really THAT important?

Yes, yes, and YES. I can't remember the last time I had a conversation about what's going on today without referencing history and events from the past. History is complex, dark, beautiful, disappointing, triumphant, challenging, and 1000% necessary. My posts on this blog will show you more of that. 

What made me want to include self-care and encouragement on this blog?

I wanted to show people that my academic journey had a big impact on my personal growth journey as well. Often, people don't show everything together. I want to do both. I want to talk about Kaepernick kneeling and the NFL's racism and how that is historically rooted in slavery tactics, and also discuss ways people can practice self-care and how saying "no" is a complete sentence. You see what I mean? There's space to do both. There's space to be human and transparent. Plus, I'm Lettie and this is just who I am as a person. 

Why write a blog?

To be completely honest and blunt, this blog will be an outlet for me. Having a space to talk about various history topics, the past's connections to the present, and social issues, is what I've been craving. Yes, craving! In addition, like I mentioned before, a space to be transparent and provide motivation and inspiration to others is what I've always wanted, too. Basically, what I post on Facebook and Instagram will no longer be cut short. Plus, a blog doesn't require Chicago and academic-style format, which is great because sometimes I just need to get things out, freely, in my own way. 

My life isn't perfect. I don't know everything, and I'm constantly learning. I know you are, too. I believe conversation and dialogue are key. I mean communication that isn't sugarcoated and vaguely discussed. I'm always direct and real (thank you history professors in graduate school for making me this way), but it doesn't mean it's always the easiest thing to do, but it's always better. Sharing knowledge and experiences helps you see that your corner of the world isn't the only corner. If I can open your eyes to what you didn't know, or help you see from a different perspective, then so be it!


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